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The Pink Table Project on World Cancer Day IS BACK!

We are now a Global Initiative and our mission is simple, we are challenging the Restaurant Industry at large to help us prove that Healthier Eating is an Exciting, Decadent & Delicious Experience, whilst hosting a Pink Table Weekend for World Cancer Day to help us raise funds for our Cancer Beneficiaries.


The Pink Table Project is now also an on-line International Restaurant Guide, with our primary focus being the #IFoundHealthy Campaign, highlighting the healthier options on any restaurant’s menu.  This World Cancer Day we launch ‘The Pink Menu’, celebrating the World’s Healthiest Menu’s, providing insight into each restaurants perspective of healthy and showcasing ALL healthier alternatives.


Restaurant Chefs are the most provocative when it comes to stimulating our senses with food. They have the ability to influence our relationship with food, affecting the decisions that dictate our long-term eating habits. The more connected we feel towards food, the more we’ll love it & crave it, the more likely we are to keep trying similar foods, and ultimately change our eating habits for the better. Food is Exciting & so is Healthy, if anyone is going to convince us to make long-term changes to our diets, and be excited about it, it’s a Restaurant Chef…We are putting them to task!


We believe that if we can promote the healthier options on a restaurant’s menu that we can highlight the role that healthier eating plays in Cancer Prevention & Remission Maintenance, as well as reducing the severity of diagnosis, and the impact of other Non-Communicable Diseases.


This is why we do World Cancer Day!


We want to prove that we can make Healthier Lifestyle Choices and really look forward to it!


Join us, ‘Dressed in Pink and Left to Sparkle’ as we Celebrate Good Food in Good Restaurants, inspired to indulge in healthy living and make our wellness journey an exciting one.


Please also kindly Support our Beneficiaries with a Donation, Many of us can help ourselves, we can learn, live, love and eat better, but we can also help those who can’t help themselves…help us help them to help others!
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