The Pink Table Project

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This is what we are all about, our core focus, highlighting and celebrating the World’s Most Decadent & Delicious Healthier Pink Menus. This is what really excites us most and where we strive to prove that healthier eating is the new black, or at least the new cheat meal, the decadent craving that we don’t have to feel guilty about. This is where we prove, with complete validation, that Healthier Eating is not only exciting, relevant and insanely satisfying, but it is to become the new force to be reckoned with in the culinary industry. We’ll get chefs to prove that healthier food choices need not be boring because their creative perspectives will produce the new norm in gastronomic competitiveness…If we can do this, then we can finally prove that healthier living & eating is not only essential, but an exciting insatiable experience.

Pink Menu Select International is the cream of the crop of these Healthier Pink Menus’, celebrating the chefs & restaurants that take this theory and push to heights that even we weren’t prepared for.

We can’t wait to show what Chefs & Restaurants from all over the world have in store for you this World Cancer Day.

Watch this space and keep updated, it’ll blow your mind and your expectations.


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