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It’s long been thought that ‘rosy-cheeks’ are a sign of good health, but we know that the road to healthy living can be so incredibly confusing, complicated & even cumbersome, that making healthier choices becomes so frustrating that we’d often rather just give-up on the idea altogether, and take another road, pretending not to care and maybe using a little rouge to appear healthier.

There are so many points and perspectives to consider that we’re like a deer caught in headlights, unable to move, hoping that if we stand still long enough that the need to be healthier will just pass.

BUT IT WONT!  Here’s why…

(Wait…take a deep breath 1st, cause this stuff is intense ya’ll, and as much as we can’t afford to ignore it, we need to ensure you understand the implications of unhealthy decisions, get it over and done with, scare the crap out of you and then move on to really cool happy stuff. You know, move on to seriously exciting things, like simpler views on how to live, eat and breathe healthier, simpler ways to start being healthy but wanting more, discovering just how exciting, decadent and delicious healthier living and eating really can be, without overthinking every single decision. If we’re going to create shiny healthy happy people, constantly throwing the fear of death and disease at the problem isn’t going to solve it….but discovering that there is more to life than we realised, just might.)

Ok, you ready? This is a once a in a lifetime need to know read, then we move on, ok? Deal? Ready?

Non-Communicable Disease stats are on the rise, including Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Respiratory Disease and Diabetes, which combined are the world’s number one killers, responsible for more than 60% of global deaths. Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), also known as chronic diseases, are the result of a combination of genetic, physiological, environmental and behavioral factors. So, in many, and most cases, there is actually something we can do about the problem.

Wellness Management is a key prevention tool, which includes not smoking, reduced alcohol intake, increased exercise and healthier diet. Sounds like SUCH a simple solution, right?! Nope, not really.

We know it’s not that easy, if it was, we wouldn’t turn a blind-eye and ignore the fact that there are more than 1900 000 000 billion overweight adults worldwide, almost 40% of the entire population, including more than 650 000 000 obese adults…and that just adults! What’s worse, is ignoring the fact that more than 340 000 000 children are overweight, with over 41 000 000 obese kids under the age of 5. Its Hectic!

AND THAT WAS JUST IN 2016! It’s reported that by 2020, more 8 out of 10 men and 7 out of 10 women will be overweight or obese…we have a HUGE problem, right?! (Excuse the pun, lol…)

Being overweight and/or obese, substantially increases the risk of Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Respiratory Disease and Diabetes. You’d think that these facts alone would be enough to make us wake up, pay attention and start making changes, let alone the mental anguish of not fitting into your favourite jeans that used to fit this time last year and having to WWE yourself into them, or being able to climb stairs without being out breathe by step number 5… Nope, in most cases we’ll ignore even these obvious facts and use them an excuse to buy a new pair of jeans and then take the lift, gloating about how we’ve just made our lives easier and wasted money on something fabulous.

You’d think that there’d be a greater desire to be healthier simply because being healthier is being kind to our bodies, because we’d live longer, happier and easier lives, and we’d be able to do stuff, like run, skip, jump, climb mountains and swim in the ocean, you know, we’d actually be living and doing what our bodies were designed to do, to move, explore and discover…not to just sit and eat.

Before you get your knickers in a knot, we’re not judging people who have health issues that they can do nothing about, and we’re not saying that that you need to be a supermodel with a six-pack, but you really should be able to get up a flight of stairs without having to a break. Being proud of your body and loving who you are is essential at all times, being complacent & lazy is not.

But let’s actually face the facts we ignore until we are part of the statistic, and are then forced to face them, spending much time wondering what we did wrong and how we got there at all. Let’s not stand back and turn a blind eye to our own health, even when our parents and siblings have been diagnosed and we’re clearly high risk, knowing the reality and potential consequences of our actions, yet doing nothing about it, let’s not be the statistic, let’s not be ignorant, lets actually start living.

Fact: Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Attacks & Strokes kills more than 17 900 000 people each year, and more than 1 000 000 000 adults have raised blood pressure substantially increasing their risk

Fact: Diabetes kills more than 1 600 000 people annually, with more than 422 000 000 adults diagnosed.

Fact: Chronic Respiratory Disease kills more than 3 000 000 yearly, with more than 235 000 000 adults diagnosed.

Fact: In 2018 alone, Cancer killed more than 9 600 000 people, with there were 18 million new cancer cases diagnosed.

The World Health Organization believes that 30-50% of Cancers can be prevented by managing our wellness…That’s potentially half the problem solved, almost half the cure, just by not smoking, drinking less, exercising more and eating a healthier nutritionally balanced diet.

Managing wellness and looking after your weight also drastically reduces the onset and severity of cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes, let alone other serious NCD’s.

If we know all of these facts, why don’t we make all the changes we need to? Especially if the changes are so simple & so effectively life changing? Why don’t we simply take control?

Because it’s not that simple! If it was, we wouldn’t be faced with the epidemic we are today.

So, what do we do?

WE NEED TO CHANGE THE PSYCHOLOGY of how we promote healthy living.

Driving the fear of death into people as I did above certainly isn’t going to do it, that’s when people are more likely to turn a blind eye and do the exact opposite. Guaranteed, any smoker still reading this article is probably on their third cigarette just to digest the content, many others are grabbing a beer or a glass of wine just to calm their nerves or taking more medication to cope with the anxiety and depression that has kicked in, and the rest are dipping into another bag of fries or candy.

Side-Note: That’s part of the problem we’re not addressing either. Half the problem with bad diets, alcohol and nicotine, is that we use them to cope with our emotional state of being, to combat stress, anxiety & depression, all of which can result in physical inactivity and an unhealthy lifestyle. Our unhealthy coping mechanisms often result in addictions, overeating is one of them. We eat to cope with stress, we drink to cope with stress. Even on a ‘non-addicted’ level, needing a glass of wine, a cigarette &/or a chocolate bar to ‘deal with life’, means you’re addicted, if you can’t get through a day without it, or need it every time your world collapses, YOU ARE STILL ADDICTED!

So, again, how do we deal with all this mess, especially when living healthier is supposed to be SOOOOOOO EASY????

Well, we believe the solution is to prove that living healthy is an exciting & addictive lifestyle, stimulating new choices that induce new cravings and creating new addictions, introducing a staged process, one where you can start with focusing on one healthy change at a time, a process that realistically takes you up a steady path of discovery, not one that feels like you always need a support structure with cable ties and a harness. Life shouldn’t always feel like climbing a mountain.

The more excited we are about the healthier choices we make, the more likely we are to make them often, and the more likely we are to want to discover what other healthy choices we can make.

Exercise is more than a treadmill, and healthier eating is more than lettuce and lentils – a random person said that.

Life is so untapped that if we really open our eyes from our complacent blindness, we’ll realise that we’ve missed out so much and haven’t really been living at all. We’ve been holding ourselves back.

We need to prove that healthier living is more enticing and exhilarating than the opposite.

But we need to understand the basics first, what is healthy and what are the priorities, and where to start, but to make sure that we start somewhere, even if it’s one slow step at a time, and once you’ve mastered that, created a foundation, take another step, then start running, maybe even skipping towards a healthier, happier you. Discover the new, discover the delicious, discover you.

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