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Ok, so this stuff is actually seriously flippen easy, just download the guide and follow it EXACTLY as we tell you, and you’ll be sorted. (CLICK HERE –RESTAURANT REGISTRATION BRIEF PDF)

The most important stuff to remember is this:

  • Your restaurant is fabulous
  • Your chef is fabulous
  • Your patrons are fabulous
  • The Pink Table Project is also fabulous
  • GREAT TEAM RIGHT! Everyone’s Fabulous!
  • Now all we need you to do is LIST your fine establishment.


The Pink Table Project is an online restaurant guide that exclusively highlights the healthier food options in restaurants, GLOBALLY, while generating awareness and financial support for a cancer beneficiary in each country we go into, and 2019 see’s us in 24 countries, including your fabulous little piece of earth.

World Cancer Day is our feature Global Event Day for Cancer Charity Support, but it also serves to highlight our 365/24/7 Global Reservations and Beneficiary Support Platforms in each country, whilst educating patrons as to what healthier food options are and where to find them.

Our mission is to prove that healthier dining can be an exciting, decadent and delicious experience, encouraging enthusiastic and sustainable healthier lifestyle & dietary choices.

If we can do this, we are able to help reduce the global cancer burden from 18m new cases each year to less than 9m30 – 50% of Cancers can be beaten with wellness management – World Health Organization, which includes not smoking, regular exercise, less alcohol and a healthier diet, and that’s where you fit in, while we can’t focus on all four aspects at once, we can relook at how we see healthier food choices.

WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this vision a global reality. We believe that our desires of taste are guided by your brilliant masterful hands and your incredible culinary minds, Chefs Create Cravings!

We believe that the restaurant industry can change the face of healthier dining choices and make it exciting, and the more excited we feel towards change, the more likely we are to make the change.


RESTAURANTS & CHEFS WORLDWIDE WE NEED YOU!To help us prove a point. They say you can’t do it!We know you can!We need you to showcase healthier menu items, That are Exciting, Decadent & Delicious!Whether its fine dining, or Grandma’s Home Cooked Secret Recipe, We know you’re up for the challenge!Help us do this, and you HELP US PREVENT CANCER! Yes, its’ that big a deal!But we want it to be EXCITING and seriously cool, OK?!We’re not looking for a 10/10, well maybe in timeWe’re just happier with ‘healthier’ for now….baby stepsWe’re looking for what’s healthiest on YOUR current menu,Maybe you want to get a little creative and cook up sum’n fancy? Even if it’s a 4/10 on the healthier scale, But overloaded FOODGASM of massive proportion, maybe?Or just sum’n seriously lip-smacking but fresh & simple like Gran makes it? WE’LL STILL TAKE IT! YOU IN???Take our #WorldCancerDay Challenge with #IAmAndIWill, I am a CHEF and I WILL make healthy EXCITING, DECADENT & DELICIOUS To Register for World Cancer Day, February 4th 2019, Mail us now: or go direct to Participating countries 2019: South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Lebanon, Qatar, U.A.E, Oman, India, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Fiji, Canada & United States. UICC – Union for International Cancer Control PinkDrive CancerAware – Nigeria Rethink Breast Cancer National Cancer Society Malaysia Cancer Association of Namibia Zambian Cancer Society Kenya Cancer Association Qatar Cancer Society Breast Care International, Ghana Fiji Cancer Society Uganda Cancer Society

Posted by The Pink Table Project on Wednesday, 9 January 2019

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