The Pink Table Project

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THE PINK TABLE RESERVATION (Private Restaurant Events)

This is where we let the restaurants create their own moments, where we list their exclusive Pink Table events and charity fundraisers. We’ll release a weekly & monthly list of International Pink Table functions so that you can book in advance, even if you’re traveling. Our only requirement to restaurants is to MAKE IT HEALTHIER & SUPPORT OUR CANCER BENEFICIARY in your country, the rest is up to them. But we’ve set them a little big challenge, make their event exciting, showcase their healthier menu items or launch their newest seasonal Pink Menu, whilst supporting our charity in their country, and we’ll showcase their efforts to the world.

We’re trying to create a community of support and an experience to revel in at any given moment, but we are doing this with a purpose, creating awareness to just how yummy healthy can be.

Stay tuned for calendar updates…

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