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Since #WorldCancerDay February 4th 2019, we’ve been asking Chefs from all over the World to TAKE THE PLEDGE… ‘I am Chef, and I will make a healthier Pink Dessert for #WorldCancerDay with @PinkTableProjX’, and now we have Chefs in over 30 Countries (and counting) taking the #PinkPuddingChallenge.

WHY ARE WE DOING THIS….it’s all quite simple really, all we’re trying to  prove that you can have your cake and eat it, literally, but WITHOUT THE GUILT!

We believe that healthier food choices can be an exciting, decadent and delicious journey, and we’re testing this theory with the toughest challenge of them all…the last course, a.k.a, the pudding!

THE BEST PART is that our fabulous Chefs will DONATE THEIR RECIPE’s to raise funds for a Cancer Beneficiary in their country, via our ‘donate to download’ system, but you’ll have to hang tight to get your hands on these, as we only start to release recipes towards the end of April. In the meantime, to wet your appetites, keep updated here to see which Chefs are willing to take the #PinkPuddingChallenge, or you can follow their fabulous healthier pink decadent entries on FACEBOOK (click here).

OH WAIT, this is actually an even better BEST PART. In OCTOBER 2019, we are excited to be launching a #PinkPuddingChallenge Recipe Book of the top 100 most downloaded entries around the world, ‘DIPPED in PINK – Pink Puddings by Great Chefs doing Great Things’, will be just in time for Christmas orders and proceeds will be evenly distributed among the project beneficiaries.


Posted by The Pink Table Project on Tuesday, 22 January 2019


Here’s the deal Chefs, we want you to make us a pink inspired pudding that’s as healthy as you can make it, while still being decadent & delicious. 

How healthy is up to you, but the healthier the better, put your thinking caps on and do what you can to take all the unhealthy stuff out and put the goodness back in, replace sugar where you can, but keep it yummy, delicious and decadent. Make it exciting, not boring, this is your challenge.

How pink is up to you, you can dip it in pink and just give it a little pink flair, or you can drown it in pink and go full-tilt Bollywood on us and make it an extravaganza of a pink pudding. Your Choice.

And just so you know Chefs, your pledge actually has great meaning. The World Health Organization states that ’30-50% of Cancers can be beaten with Wellness Management’, which includes a healthier diet, and by you accepting this challenge, you help us prove that healthier choices can be exciting choices, and the more we can do that, the more chance we have to prevent cancer.

Yes, Chefs, your participation could help prevent cancer, because the more excited people get about making healthier choices, the more opportunity we have to create sustainable the lifestyle changes.

People don’t easily change under duress or fear of disease, but they definitely more likely if excited.

But we can’t do this alone, we need your help, Chefs Create Cravings, let’s make them good ones.

Challenge Accepted? Uhuh, we thought so…ya ready, here’s what you need to do…


  2. POST A 1-MINUTE VIDEO of yourself & your dessert, telling us what’s healthier about it.
  3. CHALLENGE 5 (or more) other GREAT CHEFS in your video to do the challenge
  4. Tag #PinkPuddingChallenge with @PinkTableProjX + (TAG YOUR CHEFS)
  5. Add as many pictures as you can of the process and final product.
  6. DONATE YOUR #PinkPuddingChallenge RECIPE + PICTURES to the Cancer Beneficiary in your country and mail us your recipe & images to (


You need to be able to legitimately justify what’s healthier about your pudding and provide the recipe & images for online &/or print use. (We are not judging you here and neither are we asking for a 10/10, how healthy is up to you, but we will need to review the recipe with our Dietitians to verify what you say is true, before we can’t post the full recipe on-line for fund-raising & public use.)

By submitting your recipes to (, you relinquish the rights of your recipes and images to The Pink Table Project (Pty)Ltd for online use to raise funds for the beneficiary in your country. Buyers of the recipe will donate direct to your country beneficiary direct by means of a donate & release button. You become the fundraising beacon of hope for your beneficiary.

The Pink Table Project and its partners will not receive any direct financial benefit or commission from the proceeds and sales of these recipes with the online donate & release promotion.

THE BOOK: ‘Dipped in Pink’ – pink puddings by great chefs doing great things

This is the really exciting part as we will publish the Top 100 most downloaded recipes/entries in the #PinkPuddingChallenge Recipe Book, created as an additional beneficiary fundraising platform for all beneficiaries selected. Proceeds will be evenly distributed among all 2019 Beneficiaries of The Pink Table Project if ordered direct, otherwise donated to the beneficiary in country of purchase if ordered through the beneficiary. We will send you a secondary release document for final release.

The Beneficiaries in each country are listed on our Beneficiary Page (Click here) however, if there is no beneficiary in your country as yet, we will select a cancer beneficiary from the full membership base of the Union for International Cancer Control (click here).

That’s it Chefs….let get READY, STEADY, COOK a fabulous pink pudding!

Follow us on Facebook for all submissions – CLICK HERE

CHALLENGES IN SO FAR: (Click on names to see challenge videos) 

Posted by The Pink Table Project on Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Posted by The Pink Table Project on Tuesday, 30 April 2019


Chef Candice Adams, Principal Capsicum Culinary Studio Rosebank, Johannesburg

Chef Candice Friedman, Epicure Restaurant Sandton, Johannesburg


Chef Andrew Draper, Inimitable & Food by Andre Draper, Umhlanga

Chef Davlan Botes, Chef Sharne Govender & Chef Carien van Tonder, HTA, Johannesburg


Chef Shane Vermaak & Chef Catherine Adonis, Johannesburg

Chef Kayla-anne Osborn, The Chefs Table, Umhlanga

Chef Chad Bosman, Sandton Sun Hotel & San Restaurant, Johannesburg


Chef Chantel Dartnall, Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient, Pretoria


Chef Candice Philip, Grei Restaurant, Johannesburg. 

Chef Dion Vengatass, Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

Chef Vuyo Lunamandla Poppy, East London 

Chef Andre Bezuidenhout & Chef Milton Romi-Babany, Emperors Palace, Kempton Park

Chef Andrew Giles, from Eat @ Andrews, Hilton Road, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Chef Ashley Alexander Murison Johnson, Theif Restaurant, Johannesburg

Chef Gits Jivan, of Geet Indian Restaurant, Pretoria 

Chef Romarlin Govender, Protea Hotels Pretoria Hatfield

Chef Jackie Cameron (& Team), of Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine, Hilton

Chef Pieter Malan, Tindlovu Restaurant, Nelspruit

Chef Franco Buys, Four Seasons Westcliff, Johannesburg 

Chef Roxanne Mortimer, of Copperfields Country Cafe & Catering, Kwa-Zulu-Natal

Chef Amber Van Rensburg & Chef Marcus Gericke, of Johannesburg

Chef-in-Training, Michelle Myburgh, Johannesburg 

Chef Megan Jesse Meikle, of Grei Restaurant, Johannesburg

Chef Corne’ Bornman, of Johannesburg

Chef Blake Anderson, Tsogo Sun, Johannesburg 

Chef Astrid Field, 0f The Sweet Rebellion, Cape Town 

Chef Chantel & Chef Awande, of Capsicum Culinary Studio Rosebank

Chef Marco Gasper, Palazzo Hotel, Montecasino, Johannesburg 

Chef Annique Kotze, Johannesburg 

Chef Kerry Baird & Chef Zahra Patel, of Johannesburg 

Chef Lara van der Merwe, of Johannesburg

Chef Paul Thinus Prinsloo, Somerset West, Cape Town

Chef Anton Verhoogt, The Barefoot Cook, Hermanus 

Chef Callan Austin, Le Coin Francais, Franschhoek



Chef Myo Mohn Gyi, Rika Restaurant, Park Hyatt Hyderabad

Chef Nagraj Bhat, London Taxi Restaurant, Mumbai

Chef Nalini Gaur, Hilton Garden Inn, Lucknow 

Chef Rajeev Kumar Bansal, New Delhi, Taj Hotels

Chef Amninder Sandhu, of Arth Restaurant, Mumbai


Chef Flavia Sandriany, Personal Chef, Brasilia


Chef Sean MacDonald, Toronto


Chef Nikos Xansaridis, Thessaloniki

Chef Andreas Ntaltas, Thessaloniki 


Chef Adria’ Viladomat, Barcelona 

Chef Cristina Garcia, Barcelona


Chef Dan Andree, of The White Hart Pub In Preston Bissett in Buckinghamshire

Chef Enrico Carloni, of Sushi Samba, London

Chef Mickael Weiss,, London

Chef Mason Wooltorton, Norfolk 


Chef Felix Chong, MONTI Restaurant, Singapore 


Chef Silvia Yordanovareg, Varna

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