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We are SUPER THRILLED to bring you the #PinkMenuSelectChefsTable for WorldCancerDay, hosted by 24 of the BEST CHEFS in your country in their WORLD CLASS RESTAURANTS serving you the MOST INCREDIBLY DELECTABLE FOOD, helping us prove that HEALTHIER DINING is EXCITING, DECADENT & DELICIOUS while supporting #GreatCharitiesDoingGreaterThings.

We’ve tasked these INCREDIBLE CHEFS to pioneer the movement of #GreatChefsDoingGreatThings, with Exciting, Decadent & Delicious Healthier Dining, helping us excite & inspire healthier food choices as a means to fight & prevent cancer and other non-communicable diseases.

These GREAT CHEFS have also been tasked to help us inspire & excite other great chefs to do great things, by proving just how exciting, decadent & delicious healthier dining really can be, and encouraging them to do the #PinkMenuChallenge and host their own #PinkMenuChefsTable’s.

Our SELECT list of PINK MENU’s ranges from beautiful & hearty 3-course menu’s, all the way up to decadent full fine-dining multiple course degustation menus. The variety of pink menus & restaurants, as well as the perspectives of healthier dining from these great chefs, is as diverse as they are truly unique and are all incredibly transformative of the palate, evoking and igniting all the senses. Each menu is truly an experience you’ll never forget, leaving you salivating in your sleep with recurring dreams of more, waking with insatiable cravings for repeat sittings. #ThisActuallyHappens

You can experience each of these Pink Menus and meet these #GreatChefsDoingGreatThings by booking a #PinkMenuSelectChefsTable at any one of their restaurants on @WorldCancerDay, and in most cases, by-appointment-only, you can also book both before and after World Cancer Day up until the 29th of February 2020. (Please note that the frequency of serving is at the Chef’s discretion)

We’ve also asked that all Pink Menus are set menus featuring the fundraising platforms of their Cancer Beneficiary Select on the menu card. Platforms are country, restaurant & beneficiary dependent, and will include one or all of these options, Direct Donation via QR-Code Online Payment or Electronic Fund Transfer, &/or Restaurant Set-Menu Bill Inclusion.

Why are we doing this?

‘Up to 50% of Cancers can be prevented with Wellness Management, (World Health Organization), which includes, Not Smoking, Regular Exercise, less Alcohol and a HEALTHIER DIET. But we know that if you’re not exited by change, you probably won’t make it, so we decided to make HEALTHY EATING EXCITING!

More on the #PinkMenuChallenge click (here)

Are you a #GreatChefDoingGreatThings?

Do you want to do the #PinkMenuChallenge?

JOIN OUR JOURNEY and take the challenge, email us for more info. 

Watch this story unfold on this page and meet our #GreatChefsDoingGreatThings, see what exciting, decadent & delicious healthier #PinkMenu’s they make for their #PinkMenuChallenge and where they will be on World Cancer Day. Follow us @PinkTableProjX on all platforms.

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