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What makes us special
  • CHEF JOHANNES RICHTER was born in Diez an der Lahn, Germany, and moved to South Africa in 1991, into the House in which The Living Room is situated in today.
  • It took him 4 semesters of law studies and 3 semesters of banking before he realised his true passion for cooking. 'I had been working in the Kitchen for 4 years, before I started my apprenticeship at Hotel Talmuehlein, in the Black Forest in Germany.  We prepared food for a 1* Michelin Restaurant as well as a restaurant serving regional specialities all being sent out of one Kitchen. In this time the base for the current style of food was established. The apprenticeship was classical french, combined with regional influences of Baden (Germany) and the Alsace (France)'. 
  • After 3 years as an Apprentice, Chef Johannes graduated as 1 of the top 10 in Germany and did stages in diverse restaurants in central Europe (Ranging between 1* and 3* Michelin) before moving to Berlin and joining the young and ambitious team at Weinbar Rutz 2** Michelin, where he later met his fabulous wife to be Johanna. After doing 2 years at Weinbar Rutz, he then moved to Bandol sur Mer* where he was blessed to work with 2 highly skilled friends and chefs learning and listening to punk (one of his main influences to this day).
  • At the beginning of 2017 Johanna and Johannes moved back to Durban with a bunch of ideas that they experimented with before opening The Living Room Supper Club concept in August that year. Their ambition was to welcome our guests in an unpretentious environment, where the focus is on the social gathering of dining (people gathering to share food and drink with the focus of enjoying each others company).
  • Johanna, supplies the atmosphere and the drinks where as Chef Johannes is responsible for the dinning: their Living Room experience.
  • 'Our Living Room experience: Exceptional fresh products, sourced locally and sustainably (e.g. no Fish out of our depleted oceans etc.), additionally we are trying to share the wealth of cultural diversity that Durban has to offer. After initially receiving a lot of scepsis, our concept has managed to establish itself as of the beginning of the current year (Durban does fine dining!!!) and we’re here to stay!'
  • At SUMMERHILL ESTATE CULINARY RETREAT it seems like you are in the Midlands, without leaving the roads of Durban. In addition, you can enjoy the indigenous gardens the same as the picturesque surroundings. The culinary retreat in a peaceful and idyllic atmosphere.
  • Their focus lies on portraying Durban’s Culinary Identity with the 4, 5 or 7 course tasting menu they offer, being a great way of discovering this cultural Melting pot.
  • Next to the unique food they serve, they also boast a great wine list specialising in smaller estates and big bottles which they can pair with each dish at your wish.
  • Their Living Room Supper Club has been nominated as one of South Africa’s best 30 Restaurants by the Eat Out Guide, as the only establishment in KwaZulu Natal, which they then placed at No.13 in the country, which is especially brilliant as this was their first time on the list.
  • Whether you’re looking for a discreet venue for a romantic evening for 2 or whether you're looking for the perfect place to meet with colleagues or customers, their Living Room experience is an ideal companion.
  • Conveying South Africa from a culinary and lifestyle point of view is our main objective. Therefore, regional products and a sustainable approach are the essence of the Chef’s philosophy. So they want to put a different light on daily used products, either be it madumbe, calabash or pig’s head.
  •  Their kitchen prides itself in producing everything on sight, without the help of industrialised foods. 'From our garden to your plate'.
  • Chef Johannes believes that we should prepare more of our own food from fresh produce and eat more vegetables (refined food categorically contain more sugar, salt and diverse carcinogens as anything one would prepare from fresh ingredients at home)
  • Other than growing his own produce in their own garden at the estate, Chef Johannes buys all his additional produce from smaller farmers/farm stalls categorically. These enterprises are more likely to growing older vegetable strands as opposed to the modified Monsanto strands used commercially by larger enterprises.
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