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What makes us special
  • Robert Baxa was born in Strasbourg,  Alsace, France, a countryside rich in cultural varieties due to the historical set up of the region. He started in the chefs Profession at the young age of 14 in a restaurant near his hometown. A big decision to enter apprenticeship so young, to learn not just a job, but a vocation. 41 years later Robert still enjoys his cooking, his life path chosen.
  • After graduating in Culinary Arts, Robert found his way to Paris, and for the next 5 years he worked from a commis chef to chef de partie. This time was a phenomenal experience of learning multiple French cooking styles, and in Paris he found a little bit of every French region.
  • Robert then spent a compulsory term in the French Air force, but luckily he landed in a kitchen where he could continue cooking, and after a 2 year stay near Le Mans, the French race track region,  working in a small restaurant hotel, Robert decided it was time for new Horizon. He then spent 18 months in Switzerland doing seasonal work, and after that found a job opportunity that landed him in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Robert started working the same night he landed in SA, and worked at The Ile de France restaurant for about 6 years, at that time with Marc Guebert who was one of the only real french Chef in Joburg.
  • Robert later then went onto his own venture for two years, then a corporate for a few years as well, which gave him good volume cooking training, and then after that he found himself cooking for the Airline business. The French caterer demanded  that a french chef be employed to ensure the quality of the food. This latest venture lasted 5 years and was a humbling to Robert, as the logistic behind cooking 20.000 meals a day can be a nightmare if not competent in what the airline is about. "NO DELAYS!"
  • Robert's last stop before coming to base himself in Johannesburg was a 3 & a half year stint at the Zulu Nyala Group in Kwazulu Natal, and worked in Hotel Management as well.
  • But then Joburg called Robert,  the French Man's true home, where he longed for real cooking of real food, so he opened Les Delices de France in the West Rand (Florida) he stayed there 6 years until he decided to join the Giglio Boutique Hotel in Bedfordview, his proud new home and final destination.
  • The exquisitely appointed and intimate Giglio dining room has been designed around the culture of wine appreciation. Featuring a cellar behind glass, solid timber floors, chairs fashioned from repurposed wine barrels, and mood-enhancing chandeliers, the scene is set for an elegantly relaxed and social dining experience.
  • The Giglio’s food philosophy is simple – seasonal produce, the best quality ingredients, and dishes that are significant to the owners, collected from years of extensive travel around the globe. Our meals are an absolute creation, presented on the finest crockery, cutlery and glassware for your enjoyment. An extensive selection of fine wines and champagnes are served, with most of our premium wines available in a by-the-glass option.
  • Open from morning until evening, start the day with a delicious a la carte breakfast, including a luxury, continental buffet. In the early evening, enjoy the ambiance and the sumptuous surroundings of the pool deck, perfect for lingering over pre-dinner drinks.
  • Chef Robert always tries to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, sometimes with no butter or cream and very little sugar, with the exception in French cooking of certain dishes & sauces.
  • Healthier food should be connected with healthier choices, balanced decisions in the intake of some foods and the amount of the food one consumes. We all need to eat veg/fruits grains/ even meats/fish eggs our main source of proteins and lets add that the body need some fat, salt and minerals.
  • Let’s eliminate all the unnecessary, cereals by example are so refined & so sweet, so let’s rather eat oats or an egg in the morning. The choice is ours to be more selective in our daily intake of foods.
  • "I will never consider cream and milk my enemy and there are days I do not need to eat them. Will I stop eating real Prosciutto Ham? NO. Real salami from Italy or France NO? But all the processed "rubbish" one finds on shelves could vanish I would not miss it".
  • To this point one should always ask how it is made, by whom & with what. I will not demonize the suppliers as we are the one dictating the trends...Should we blame the supplier or the one that buys it or demands it? 
  • To recap, yes eat rye bread its good and indulge in a lovely piece of baguette (without sugar) from time to time, but I would say force oneself to eat some of the dish one does not particularly like let’s say fish, sardines by example, salmon for that matter, drop the meat once a week eat paneer or tofu all is possible but it starts with oneself.
  • Drop the extra sugar that are served on everything these days, try to learn to enjoy food for what it tastes like broccoli blanched or sautéed with a touch of butter and let say toasted sesame seeds.
  • Lastly, get exercise, stop sitting in front of the TV for hours get active and eat well, cut the rubbish snack but surely indulge yourself from time to time with something like 70% dark chocolate, but not chocolate that has been manipulated with added sugars
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