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  • CHEF BARTOSZ WIELOWIEJSKI is a freelance chef and food stylist, photographer, videographer & writer from Warsaw Poland.I admire a few excellent Polish chefs who inspire me with a modern approach to old Polish cuisine. They rediscover it, take care of fresh, seasonal and regional products. I often support the creativity and knowledge of Alexander Baron, Chef Mateusz Czekierda and the extremely talented Chef Robert Trzopek who prefers very minimalist and modern regional cuisine'.
  • JEM CI TO is the alias for Chef Bartosz, who really enjoys his take on modernised Polish inspired cuisine, with a minimalist approach. 'I like using regional products and having fun in the kitchen. As a freelance chef, I don't have the limitations of a restaurant kitchen menu, which gives me the space to keep my creativity flowing and constantly striving for new approaches to old school cuisine'.
  • 'I am available for creative cooking collaborations, food styling and food photography, and we are planning a collaboration with other great chefs in Warsaw Poland for World Cancer Day. If you would like to join me and be a #GreatChefDoingGreatThings and help me fight cancer with really good food, or if you would like to collaborate in any other way from supplies, products or media services for this great cause, contact me, let's be great chefs and fight cancer together'.
  • 'I really love using fresh, seasonal and regional locally sourced products, and do what I can to avoid added sugars, baked products, gluten and processed foods. I prefer using lean meats, loads of fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds — foods that in the past could be obtained by hunting and gathering, and foods that are produced by nature and not man-made'.
  • SUPPLIERS - 'I prefer to source my foods directly from the market, not from mass market stores'. 
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