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THE PINK TABLE POP-IN KITCHEN (Exclusive Pink Menu Reviews)

We will be celebrating new additions to The Pink Menu Collection and The Pink Table Collection of Restaurants, weekly, if not daily, and giving you an opportunity to join us at secret locations revealed only hours before each event. We’ll reveal the city/town and the time of the event in advance, and let you know how and when to book, and maybe what the feature dish is, in case you’re Vegan & Jewish, and we’re serving pork, but the rest is secret, the restaurant & its menu are only disclosed on the night of the event, 2 hours before. That’s the fun part, we don’t want you to have an unfair advantage in your perspective, as we want you to experience everything as first hand as possible.  But don’t you worry, it’ll be an experience you’ll remember, and we’ll prove that healthier eating is worth every moment of anticipation and suspense.

Stay tuned for our line-up…

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