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#BucketListDining Collection – U.K

#BucketListDining – U.K

#BucketListDining U.K – 10 Restaurants we really want to go to,'s, Patara Restaurant Group, London, Core, The Clink Restaurant HMP Brixton, RIGO' London, The Five Fields, Tom Simmons, Tower Bridge, sketch

Posted by The Pink Table Project on Tuesday, 29 January 2019

We decided that since we’re planning to go there soon, one day, some day, anyday, just-not-right-now-day because, you know, #Budget  & #Priorities. But knowing that when we are there, we should have already prepared and have done our research on fabulous food and where to get the good stuff, you know, the stuff that is as decadent & delicious, as it is healthier. So we decided that we’d create our very own ‘BUCKET-LIST-DINING’ Collection of stunning healthier choice restaurants and menus, and we know that since we are not actually there, yet, that this might be a little hit and miss, but it is worth the challenge.

These are our #BucketListDining choices for London, United Kingdom, let us know if you’ve tried any of these fabulous restaurants, and if you found healthier menu items worth sharing, and better yet, if you are the chef, or work at any of these fabulous places, tell us whats the best healthiest option on your menu, in case our choice isn’t quite the right choice, however yummy it looks.

(In no particular order or preference, we don’t do favourites unless we’re paid…haha)

POMONAS LONDON– They have such an incredible ethos, where sourcing the right ingredients, caring for the environment and excellent equal opportunities are at the heart of everything they do.

They have a ‘Farm to Fork’ methodology, with a belief in sustainability. Looking after not only their guests but our planet and it’s resources is of paramount importance to us.

They believe in sustainability, sourcing from local, sustainable, responsible sources and also farmers when possible (Foodchain) and Ellis Wines. Reducing waste and utilising every usable part of their  produce. Providing fresh, wholesome, nutritious but above all tasty wholefoods. Future goal to remove all one time use plastics in the kitchen.

This is surely a place where you can say #IFoundHealthy

Our Favourite Menu pick is from their Brunch/Lunch Menu: Smoked Duck, Rocket, Roasted Peaches, Spiced Seeds, Green Herbs – We would try this first, its sounds uber healthy.


Our new exec #chef taking about the new menu. Full video link in our bio. You won’t go home hungry! #tastyfood #newchef #cheflife #makeitnice #pomonas #pomonaslondon #pomonasrestaurant #londonrestaurant #newmenu #foodie #celebrity #chef #menu #new #launch @mark lloyd Chef

Posted by Pomona's on Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Next, we’d like to go to…

PATARA – OXFORD CIRCUS offers authentically different fine Thai dining.

The first Patara opened 28 years ago at the corner of Sydney Street, as a new style of Thai restaurant in London offering contemporary Thai cuisine under the concept of “authentically different”.

Whether in London, Bangkok, or Patara’s other Asian and European branches, we have always sought to offer the Thai culinary experience at its best: well-crafted, refined and delicious. Whilst they have always placed great emphasis on recreating authentic Thai flavours and acquainting diners with the true roots of our cuisine, they have also tried to take full advantage of the exceptional seasonal produce and local ingredients available to us here in the UK.

Their “authentically different” food philosophy has also at times inspired more innovative and playful interpretations of their culinary legacy. They hope that the collection of Thai dishes which they have put together will arouse and indulge your adventurous palate.

Their chefs are trained in Thailand instilling the knowledge and respect for quality ingredients and the ability to seamlessly blend eastern and western techniques to create dishes of character and depth that are not enslaved to tradition, dishes that appeal to a sophisticated European palette.

The design of the restaurants echoes the food: mixing the classic with the modern. From modish dark wood interiors, a neutral colour palate and brushed stone flooring. These are complemented by traditional Thai motifs, from subtle wall mounted carvings to an impressive miniature temple which forms the centre piece of the Soho dining room.

Asian & Thai food especially naturally has a healthier quality to it, and on most Thai menus you are sure to find incredibly healthier choices.

Our Favourite Menu pick is from their Vegetarian Menu, is the Lemongrass Tofu, it is crisp tofu slices glazed with a piquant sauce of tamarind, fresh lemongrass and chilli, topped with crispy shallot.


Patara – Handcrafted for you

Our skilled team are here to craft the perfect Thai experience for you, book your table at

Posted by Patara Restaurant Group, London on Sunday, 25 February 2018

Then we want to move onto….

CORE by CLARE SMYTH is an elegant and informal fine dining restaurant with an emphasis on natural, sustainable food, sourced from the UK’s most dedicated farmers and food producers.

They create beautiful craft dishes, seeking out the best of British produce, with a passion to delight and share our curiosity and their love of delicious artisanal food.

Since opening in August 2017, Core has received numerous awards including two stars as new entry in the 2019 Michelin Guide, 10/10 in the Good Food Guide, five AA rosettes, Best Restaurant at the GQ Food and Drink Awards, New Restaurant of the Year by The Craft Guild of Chefs, and the Service Award at the National Restaurant Awards.

Clare also received the World’s Best Female Chef Award by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

We knew we’d find something healthier here, especially with such a focus on natural sustainable food, and the menu is incredible, this is our BucketListChoice from the A La Carte Menu, the, ‘‘Potato and roe’ – dulse beurre blanc, herring and trout roe, sounds heavenly!


Isle of Mull Scallop cooked over wood…___@chefclaresmyth @chef_bone @Rrcons @waterlife86 @Foodstoryboy___#BritishProduce #Summer #Nature #CoreTeam #CorePeople #CoreValues #Nottinghill #Finedinning #50best #Eatlondon #FoodStory #Inspiring #Creativity #Knowledge #Discovery #Madeinbritain #RestlessPursuitOfExcellence #Respect

Posted by Core on Saturday, 6 October 2018

And then there is this stunning place with serious heart…

THE CLINK RESTAURANT is such a beautiful concept, their Mission Statement is ‘Changing attitudes, transforming lives and creating second chances’.

When you visit a Clink restaurant, you will enjoy a unique experience whilst helping to transform lives.

The delicious, high quality meals at The Clink Restaurants’ are cooked and served by the prisoners in training who are working towards gaining their City & Guild’s NVQs in Food & Beverage Service, Professional Cookery, Horticulture and Hospitality Service.

Their aim is to reduce re-offending rates of ex-offenders. We work in partnership with Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service to run projects that train and give practical skills to prisoners to aid their rehabilitation. The Clink Restaurants allow prisoners to learn, engage with the public and take their first steps towards a new life.

You will find a unique dining experience, within the walls of this Category C prison, with a delicious meal, cooked using fresh, seasonal ingredients and the latest cookery techniques. You will be served by prisoners who participate in The Clink Restaurants’ training scheme

WE LOVE THIS GUYS, seriously, WELLDONE! We can’t wait to visit you.

We though this sounded delicious and quite healthy, Roast red-legged partridge, squash and chestnut puree, buttered winter greens, parmentier potatoes  off their main lunch menu.


So much choice, how we even managed to scale it down to just 10, is beyond belief…it’s like saying, here is a million bucks, but you can only spend ten…too much pressure…but here is our next choice…

RIGO is owned by Chef Gonzalo Luzarraga.

Having spent his childhood on the French boarder of Italy in Piedmont, surrounded by diverse flavours and a rich tapestry of native ingredients, Gonzalo was immersed in food from a young age.

His Grandfather, who was a pastry chef, taught him the foundations of cooking and a respect for crafting food with love, passion and skill, an ethos which he built on when he embarked on his journey through Europe, Asia and South America.

He worked under some of the most progressive chefs in the industry, including Alain Ducasse and Walter Eynard and led several high-profile restaurants. Gonzalo sees RIGO’ as the place where his past experiences and influences can come together.

His food is pure art, and often the best part about fine-dining isn’t the artistry or the techniques, which more often than not use the freshest ingredients, a reason that they are healthier choices, but its the portion sizes, they actually help you moderate your intake, a VERY IMPORTANT aspect of healthier dining.

We think this sounded delicious, Scottish Stone bass, green bean, basque style salsa verde, black lime.

What could be better than a licorice root for lemon jelly?#rigolondon #gonzaloluzarraga #londonrestaurants #g52grams #huffposttaste #toplondonrestaurant #chefsofinstagram

Posted by RIGO' London on Friday, 18 August 2017


SPOILT FOR CHOICE is an understatement…wow, next we go somewhere fascinating…


A native Londoner, Taylor Bonnyman’s cooking encapsulates the spirit of the capital. With a foundation built on British produce and seasonality, the cooking incorporates influences from London’s broad cultural complexion and outward-looking philosophy.

The main dining room is elegant and understated with pale lime-washed floors, copper backed hessian walls and features sculptured works by Sophie Dickens.

Service is delivered with aplomb by a team as warm and welcoming as they are professional and knowledgeable.

And the best part, is that they have their own garden. Located in the idylls of the Sussex countryside, our Kitchen Garden supplies us with an amazing array of seasonal herbs, flowers and vegetables throughout the year….could you get fresher?

With freshness being the order of the day, you are sure to find healthier options on their menu’s, we found this gem to be something to get exited about, ‘Roe Deer, with Pumpkin, Seeds and Chanterelles.

New dish- ‘Meadow’ very popular on its debut this evening! Smoked Eel, Garden and Sugar Snap Peas, Artichoke and Lemon Geranium.#spring2018 #viewfromthepass #artofplating #seasonalproduce #bestproduce #kitchengarden #ingredientsmatter #michelinstar #kingsroad #chelsea #aarosettes #chefsplating @mymuybuenochefs

Posted by The Five Fields on Wednesday, 6 June 2018


FRESH really is the order of the day when it comes to healthier dining, and we also find so much of it at

TOM SIMMONS Tower Bridge is a fine example of fresh & seasonal.

Originally from Pembrokeshire, Wales, Tom’s respect and passion for nature, produce and cooking has been a major part of his life from a young age. His earliest memories are of roaming farmers’ markets, foraging in the countryside, and harvesting his mother’s vegetable garden. This love and respect for ingredients and nature from both Tom and partner Lois is the foundation of Tom Simmons, Tower Bridge.

Influenced by both British and French cuisine with an emphasis on his Welsh heritage, Tom has a personal relationship with each hand selected supplier and farmer, ensuring the best possible produce on the plate.

“Eating fresh and with the seasons was a way of life for me; much of my childhood was focused around food and nature. I have fond memories of gathering ingredients to cook in my mum’s kitchen. Being surrounded by wonderful produce, and the joy I found in food and sharing it, is what first inspired me to become a chef”

Our favourite menu pick is the CORNISH COD LOIN, with roast cauliflower, curry spices and spinach.

(Video borrowed from @HenoS4C, as we couldn’t find any other videos) 


OOOOOH and then there is this fabulous find…

We are a team of passionate (+ nerdy) chefs + front of house excited about preparing each dish + drink to create a great experience for you. Owner, Juliana is humbled by the teams dedication + imagination. She has taken the role of the behind-the-scenes fixer-upper as they step forward to make her vision of Flat Three actually happen. She hopes that we will join them in what she considers her home for a gracious + memorable meal.

They are more than just the sum of the parts, each of them brings a food history, a favourite flavour + a push to create food that is delicious, thoughtful + understated.

On their ferments – ‘Time is our most precious ingredients…whether it takes days, weeks or months to create, our food is punctuated by the flavours of ferments that capture the best of the season. Through this process, we make one-of-the-kind tastes that bridge all of our culinary heritages’.

On their 5-course menu, we really liked the idea of the Glazed Scottish Salmon, with green strawberries + sansho. Again, Asian dining is naturally fresher and healthier by default, it’s how the food is prepared and mastered.


Only two more spots left for our bucket lst, man…we should really just move their and try all restaurants for two years to give a fair indication, BUT, we have to try narrow it down…here is our 2nd last choice.

LAURENT at Cafe’ Royal is our next find, ts such a beautiful restaurant too.

Passionate about sourcing the finest and most flavoursome cuts, Executive Chef Laurent Tourondel has travelled far and wide to hand select the best of beef and bring it London’s West End. Choose from Scottish Aberdeen Angus, US Creek Stone Farm and Snake River or Japanese Wagyu Kagoshima. All our steaks are cooked on the open flame parrilla grill for an enhanced flavour experience and optimum temperature control to prepare your steak just to your liking.

Sourcing from within the UK played a big part in creating the menu, as such we’re proud to serve all our sushi and raw fish dishes with the only British grown wasabi, whilst all egg dishes on the breakfast menu are prepared with Burford Brown eggs from hens traditionally bred on the Clarence Court farms where they enjoy a life of privileged roaming on acres of England’s green lands. At the bar our bartenders mix up all-English Bloody Mary’s using British wasabi, English mustard and Dorset vodka. One of chef Laurent’s favourite British foods is Coleman’s classic mustard which can be found in some of his dishes.

Flamed grilled cooking is naturally a healthier way of preparation, although we are dying to try this dish, the CAULIFLOWER COUSCOUS, with za’atar-roasted carrots, charred aubergine puree, currants, almonds, harissa yogurt and a side of hen of the wood mushroom and garlic parsley.


Ok one last one, poop, we wish we could add more, but this was our last find for our #BucketListDining London Edition…And it’s super fancy, and weird, and beautiful, and artistic, and fabulous!

SKETCH LONDON – Their website is insane, its a game, so much fun, but it’s only a glimpse of what they are really about, more than that you have to experience for yourself, in fact go visit their YOUTUBE channel, its everything!

Ok, with what the menu says on this one, and this pick on their ‘From the Sea’ menu sounds amazing, ‘TURBOT – Slice of wild native Turbot roasted on the bone, Sauce Duglier/ Pear & Cucumber, Vacherin – Potato mash with Champagne, Lemon Gel with Chervil/ Pumpkin Ice-Cream…not sure whats healthier about it, but we are dying to try it anyway, remember, moderation is a key ingredient to healthier dining. So if this isn’t healthier, we know that the next few meals need to be. Deal?!


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