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With the help of The Pink Table Collection of Restaurants, we want to prove that healthier eating is an exciting, decadent & delicious journey, creating & stimulating new sustainable food cravings & experiences.


Our collection of the Worlds Healthiest Menus, The Pink Menu Collection, will highlight the individual healthy eating perspectives of all the restaurants we list, giving their Chefs the opportunity to showcase not only their culinary talents in the health arena, proving that healthy eating can be an exhilarating sensory overload, but also that their independent focus on healthy eating gives us as patrons a larger variety of choices to suit our own lifestyles and needs.


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How we started – World Cancer Day

The Pink Table Project was started in South Africa on World Cancer Day, February 4th 2016, as a Cancer Awareness & Fundraising Event supporting our local Cancer Beneficiary, the PinkDrive, who power South Africa´s first and only mobile Mammography and Educational Testing Units, with the direct purpose of driving home the message that “Early Detection Saves Lives”.


With our theme ‘Dipped in Pink & Left to Sparkle’ taking center stage, we were joined by over 1000 patrons nationwide at over 80 pink table host restaurants to help us raise over R 100 000, for an incredibly deserving beneficiary, who support so many communities and provide free services to medically uninsured women, whilst tackling both breast and cervical cancer.


In 2016 our aim was simple, we merely wanted to create awareness around Cancer & Early Detection, and we wanted to provide a platform to generate financial support for our Beneficiary, and we succeeded.


However, in 2017 we knew that we could do more. We wanted to create awareness and support the PinkDrive here in South Africa, but we also knew we could take this project across our own borders and help beneficiaries in other countries.


Our original aim was just to support beneficiaries who help those who can’t always help themselves, and assist in generating funding and awareness for them, but we also knew that we needed to inspire and teach the general public on how to help themselves and possibly prevent cancer altogether, as well as other Non-Communicable Diseases.


At the time, the World Health Organization stated that 40% of all cancers could be prevented through wellness management, and we knew that a healthier diet was an imperative part of this prevention process.


So, on World Cancer Day 2017, in addition to a South African leg of the project, we decided to spread our wings a little and we branched into Lebanon supporting their Children’s Cancer Centre (CCCL), and we added our new focus created to inspire sustainable change for prevention, which we called the #IFoundHealthy Campaign. This campaign was simply a request for restaurants to showcase their healthier menu options on World Cancer Day and help us prove that Healthier Eating is an Exciting, Decadent & Delicious experience, whilst at the same time assisting us in raising funds for our two beneficiaries.


We wanted to excite people into making healthier lifestyle choices….and we succeeded with exposure to healthier food options, but we failed to raise the funds we anticipated. We had 46 host restaurants in Lebanon & 75 in South Africa, each providing healthier menu choices, whilst facilitating fund-raising, but our system of cash collection needed to be addressed, as it was a little nightmare. We needed a system that allowed for easy direct donations to our beneficiaries, but that we could still monitor the value of.


So in 2018, we had to put our World Cancer Day plans on hold, as we decided that in order to provide the best possible platform to promote a healthier lifestyle through better food choices, cancer awareness in general, as well as generate legitimate fundraising support for our beneficiaries without exchange and collection complications, we needed a website that we could take to the masses, one that made sense and was easy to navigate, whilst creating sustainable excitement & financial support 365 days a year, not just on World Cancer Day.


This took us a little more time than we had anticipated, BUT it has been worth it, the time was needed to really think and plan efficiently…and now we are ready to present a 1st-class-world-1st…we can now literally take on the world, and save it, even if only in our own way.


For World Cancer Day 2019, we are excited to announce that we are now a fully-fledged Global Initiative and International Online Restaurant Guide adding another 30 countries to our portfolio for 2019, and 100 in total by the time we end World Cancer Day in 2021, allowing us to support another 98 Cancer Beneficiaries with The Pink Table Project on World Cancer Day 365 days a year.


Please visit our World Cancer Day 2019 page to find out more!

How we want to change the WORLD…

The Pink Table Project wants to celebrate the healthier meal options on any restaurant’s menu and encourage healthier options where there aren’t enough.


Most restaurants have healthier eating options, but don’t know it, or simply don’t label it as such, and The Pink Table Project wants to create a mass movement highlighting and sourcing these healthier choices and encourage restaurants to take advantage of this and be the industry leaders their patrons deserve.


BUT WAIT we’re different, we want to show you how exciting healthy eating really is and prove that healthy doesn’t mean boring! Because let’s face it, we all think healthy is boring, right?! (We’re not talking to the health fanatics here that think that lentils and brown rice with a touch of lemon juice is heavenly, cause that’s delusional and just plain gross. Nope, we’re talking to the rest of the global population, the other 98% that just wants to eat what makes them happy, if its healthy, bonus noddy badges all round.)


We believe that healthier food options can be just as exciting, decadent and delicious as other desired menu options, if not better, and that’s our job, to prove this…how else are we going to get the world to be more health conscious. We must change the psychology of food and eating, and focus on the sensory experience first, not how healthy it is, we must create desire, not fear, tantalize the senses, not scare the crap out of you by giving you all the warnings of bad foods, that will just make you comfort eat….right?! (And drink..oi)


So we need to create a movement, called the PINK MENU, which celebrates amazing, exciting, decadent & delicious food that just happens to be varying degrees of healthy…if we can do that, you might make healthier choices more often….RIGHT AGAIN?!!! We know we are, you do too.


The Pink Table Project is building a global Pink Table Collection of Restaurants that aims to prove that most restaurants have Healthy & Decadent meal items of their Menus.


Our collection of the Worlds Healthiest Menus, the Pink Menu Collection, will highlight the individual healthy eating perspectives of all the restaurants we list, giving their chefs the opportunity to showcase not only their culinary talents in the health arena, proving that healthy eating is an exciting, decadent & decadent journey, but also that their independent focus on healthy eating gives us as patrons a large variety of choices to suit our own lifestyles and needs.

The Problem & The Solution

According to the World Health Organization, 18 million new cancer cases were reported globally in 2018 alone, with over 9.6 million cancer deaths. Cancer is one of the greatest threats known to mankind and one of the leading causes of death. It is estimated that by 2025 the Global Cancer Burden will reach 19m new cases & more than 11m deaths.


Tobacco use, alcohol use, an unhealthy diet, and physical inactivity are the major worldwide cancer risk factors responsible for 1/3 of these cancer deaths, and also happen to be the 4 shared risk factors with other non-communicable diseases.


The World Health Organization also states that “30% to 50% of all cancer cases (& deaths) are preventable” by modifying or avoiding these key risk factors.  




Why are we spending billions on finding a cure, when this is almost half the problem solved!

Why are we as the public waiting to be diagnosed before we address our own health & longevity, when the answer is right here?


These are preventable measures that can be taken to manage one’s own health & wellbeing, and possibly prevent cancer entirely, simply by making better lifestyle choices.


“Prevention offers the most cost-effective long-term strategy for the control of cancer” (WHO), Why is this information not prioritized in education?


If our lifestyle choices could address half the global cancer burden, WHY are we not spending as much money, or more, on highlighting Wellness Management alternatives, and not just by dictating the don’t smoke, drink less alcohol, exercise more & make better dietary choices dialogue, but by actually inspiring the change, and creating the desire for change.


Currently, we’re not educating or creating any desire for change, all we’re doing is creating fear for change under duress, all of which is counterproductive, and makes one put on blinkers until diagnosed. We’re telling people what to do, not showing them how to do it, or making it exciting.


Of the 32 beneficiaries we want to support for World Cancer Day 2019, only 5 provide adequate and relevant information about Diet & Exercise, but non offer daily dietary or exercise programs, or the means to combine the information provided into a user friendly format, with recipes & shopping guides, or advise on how to make healthier choices when dining out, or where to find the nearest gym or dance class, or even what types of exercise are available for various body types, ages , preferences, or recent cancer diagnosis… nothing of the sort is provided, and it should be.


But this is not their sole focus or core business model, as they task themselves with funding research to find a cure once diagnosed, psychological & oncology treatment for the medically uninsured, awareness and education for early diagnosis, and/or providing palliative care & financial care for terminally ill patients & their families. These are all incredible, necessary and noteworthy tasks, but we still need to drive a heightened awareness around lifestyle management & personal wellbeing for the prevention of cancer, we still need to get people who can help themselves to take responsibility, and maybe prevent 50% of the need for the above services and lighten the load of the cancer burden.


Our Solution: Let our wonderful beneficiaries focus on their tasks at hand and let the rest of us get to work on the other side of Prevention which is Lifestyle Management. Let’s take responsibility for our own health, but let’s make it exciting.


We believe that we need to address the psychology of cancer awareness & prevention by delivering a message that ensures sustainable impact. To achieve this, we need to educate with experiences of the senses that delivers excitement and desire for more, not by driving the fear of God into people. Education is impactful if driven by sensory experiences. If we can tap into this concept, we will see better results in lifestyle management as people will want to change, not feel they have to change.


If we can do this, we can affect the change that may result in 5 to 9 million cancer cases from ever even existing, and potentially saving 3 to 5 million lives each year, just by inspiring people to make healthy lifestyle choices by providing exciting educational experiences.


We could be saving ourselves!


Prevention includes not only Not Smoking, Reduced Alcohol Consumption, and Increased Exercise, but also a Healthy and Balanced Diet…and that’s where we come in, we want to inspire healthy lifestyle and dietary choices, by making healthy exciting, decadent & delicious! We can’t focus on all lifestyle management choices, but we can certainly start with diet! The rest we will get to, trust us!

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Our view on healthy

As long as you are making conscious choices that support a healthier lifestyle, no matter how substantial they may be, then we believe you are heading in the right direction. If you are in the right direction, you are already winning. Healthy living and eating, when you are not used to it, is a really big challenge, and we naturally resist healthy because we believe that healthy is boring & relentless, and that too much has to change to make it work, and too costly, so we just don’t right?!.


And when we don’t have issues to deal with the likes of Cancer or Heart Disease, we think, ‘Meh, I don’t have any diseases, so why worry’. But the problem is that this thinking is what can ultimately increase the risk and severity of Cancer and other Non-Communicable Diseases, and when we get to that point, we start questioning what we could have done to prevent it.  And for some, the damage may already be too severe that its already too late to make changes. We don’t want to be those people, do we???


So, we need to make the concept of healthy an exciting and inspiring choice, one that we make in spite of our fears, not because of them. However, there is so much to learn and understand, that if we throw EVERYTHING at you at once, and say this is what you must do, you will be overwhelmed and intimidated by the process, and more than likely resistant to any change whatsoever.


Therefore, we have decided to rather celebrate all positive steps taken in the direction of healthy, no matter how small, as we believe that any step in the right direction, is a good step, and one that may lead to another step, and hopefully over time, a long-term marathon running, or speed walking, to the finish line of your new healthier lifestyle.


All we ask our restaurants to do is highlight what’s healthier on their menu, and justify why it’s healthy, and if it’s not blatantly unhealthy, and also has valid healthy attributes, then we will list it. Obviously, we will advise them, but we are not dictating their focus on healthy, we want to restaurants to have carte blanche, and hopefully create a culture that sees restaurants providing more and more healthier choices because the demand is so high that their profits will reap the rewards they desire, that and the fact that they only want to make their customers happy. When we reach this point, we will start with verified menu’s, and make the competition a little tougher, as we created the demand to do so.


Join our movement and support our The Pink Table Collection of Restaurants.

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