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The primary purpose of The Pink Table Project is to celebrate healthy options on a restaurant’s menu and to encourage healthier eating provisions where there aren’t any.
Most restaurants have healthier eating options, but don’t know it, or don’t label it as such! The Pink Table Project is a mass movement towards highlighting and sourcing healthier eating, and we encourage restaurants to take advantage of this, to be leaders for their patrons, and for the culinary industry at large!
We aim to keep moving with both an urgent need and a global trend towards healthier eating!
We want to show you how exciting healthy really can be!!
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We started with a simple idea for World Cancer Day…

The Pink Table Project was initially started here in South Africa on World Cancer Day, February 4th 2016, as a Cancer Awareness & Fundraising Event supporting our Cancer Beneficiary, the PinkDrive, who power South Africa´s first and only mobile Mammography and Educational Testing Units, with the direct purpose of driving home the message that Early Detection Saves Lives”.


‘Dipped in Pink & Left to Sparkle’, we were joined by over 1000 patrons at over 80 pink table host restaurants nationwide to help us raise over R 100 000, for an incredibly deserving beneficiary.


The PinkDrive support so many communities and provide free services to medically uninsured women, enabling them to simultaneously tackle the two most prevalent female cancers – breast and cervical cancer. To date they have provided over 11,500 free mammograms, done over 108,500 clinical breast examinations in community areas and educated over 297,100 women and men in South Africa on the importance of early detection of cancer.


In 2016 our aim was simple, we merely wanted to create awareness around Cancer & Early Detection, and we wanted to provide a platform to assist with financial support for our Cancer Beneficiary.


However in 2017 we knew that we could do more and take this project further. We wanted to create awareness and support the PinkDrive here in South Africa, but we knew we could take this project across our own borders and help other beneficiaries in other countries. Our main aim was to support those who help others, but we also knew that we needed to inspire and teach people how to help themselves and possibly prevent cancer, as well as other Non-Communicable Diseases.


So, on World Cancer Day 2017, in addition to a South African leg of the project, we decided to spread our wings a little and we branched into Lebanon supporting their Children’s Cancer Centre (CCCL).


We took with us a new focus created to inspire change, we called it #IFoundHealthy, which was simply a request to restaurants to showcase their healthier menu options on World Cancer Day, and help us prove that Healthier Eating is an Exciting, Decadent & Delicious experience.

We wanted to excite people into making healthier choices….and we succeeded. We did it!


And now for World Cancer Day 2018, we are excited to announce that we are now a fully fledged Global Initiative and online Restaurant Guide adding another 8 countries to our portfolio for 2018, allowing us to support another 8 Cancer Beneficiaries with Pink Table Fundraisers, with our primary focus being #IFoundHealthy.

How we want to change the WORLD…

We want to prove that we can make Healthier Lifestyle Choices and really look forward to it, by proving that healthier eating is an exciting, delicious & decadent experience.

We believe that if we are ever to realistically succeed in making sustainable long-term lifestyle changes that we need to be excited and motivated by our senses, and not feel forced to make changes out of fear or under duress.

What’s in it for us…

Cancer is one of the Greatest Threats known to man, with over 14 Million new diagnosed cases each year, and a staggering 8.2 Million deaths worldwide, contributing to more than 13% of all global deaths.


By 2025, it is estimated that the Global Cancer Burden will reach 19m new diagnosed cases each year & more than 11m deaths…SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE!!!


‘Over 40% of all Cancers can be prevented with Wellness Management’ – World Health Organization.


40% is almost half the cure! If we are spending billions on finding a cure, and this is half the problem solved, WHY are we not spending as much money or more on highlight Wellness Management?!


We can help prevent 5 600 000 people from ever having to face Cancer Treatment, or worse, death!


We could be saving ourselves!


Prevention includes Not Smoking, Reduced Alcohol Consumption, and Increased Exercise, but also a Healthy and Balanced Diet…that’s where we come in. We want to make healthy exciting!


“A healthy diet helps protect against Malnutrition in all its forms, as well as Non-Communicable Diseases, including Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke and Cancer”  

– W.H.O, Healthy Diet Fact Sheet No.394.

Our view on healthy and how to make it work…

As long as you are making conscious choices that support a healthier lifestyle, no matter how substantial they may be, then we believe you are heading in the right direction. If you are in the right direction, you are already winning. Healthy living and eating, when you are not used to it, is a really big change, and we naturally resist healthy because we believe that healthy is boring. And when we don’t have issues to deal with the likes of Cancer, we think, ‘Meh, I don’t have cancer, so why worry’. But the problem is that this thinking is what can ultimately increase the risk and severity of Cancer, and when we get to that point, for some us it’s already too late to start with healthier choices. The damage is done.


So we need to make healthy an exciting choice, one that we make in spite of our fears, not because of them, but if we throw EVERYTHING at you at once, and say this is what you must do, we will overwhelm and intimidate and provide a resistance to change.


We have decided to celebrate all steps in the right direction, any step that is healthier one is a good one, it may not the perfect step, or the biggest step, but it’s a good step, that might be followed by a 2nd step, and if we are lucky, a third followed but a butterfly effect of positive steps, ultimately making every step a healthy step.


All we ask our restaurants to do is highlight what’s healthier on their menu, and justify why it’s healthy, and as long as it’s not blatantly unhealthy and has solid health attributes, we will let them list it. Obviously we will advise them, but we are not dictating healthy, we want to restaurants to have carte blanche.


Join our movement and support our restaurants….

The people that help us help YOU!